Business Automation

Many tasks in all business are repetitive processes repeated again and again. Business Automation looks at these processes and builds easy to use applications and scripts to connect all the pieces of your data. 

Some Examples of What Kinds of Tasks You Can Automate?

  • You can automate very simple tasks or very complex tasks.
  • Customize a Spreadsheet with buttons or menus
  • Create a budget
  • Track stock prices over time
  • Track dues payments for a club
  • Manipulate data in XML format
  • Create pages on a Google Site
  • Send email based on information in a Spreadsheet

You can manipulate any kind of data with a script, including numeric, financial, and string (text) data, and data represented as an XML document.

Run your custom Enterprise apps, portals and business processes on Google's scalable platform. Our development team can help you with: 

Google Apps Script
Google Apps Script is a JavaScript cloud scripting language that provides easy ways to automate tasks across Google products and third party services. 

We can help you capture the power of Google Apps Scripts to deliver business process automation solutions for your organization. 

Google Sites
Google Sites is a hosted website development platform. Build intranet and extranet sites rapidly and extend the capability using Google Apps Script and Google Gadgets. 

DCS Netlink can help you leverage the powerful Knowledge Management, Enterprise Collaboration and Business Intelligence solutions on the Google Sites platform. 

Google App Engine 
Google App Engine enables you to develop full scale web applications that are hosted on the Google cloud infrastructure. As a Platform As A Service (PAAS), Google App Engine provides the deepest level of integration into the Google infrastructure providing the greatest level of flexibility.