Application Development

DCS Netlink provides clients with a variety of cloud based, custom web applications. Our experienced database programmers, and data collaboration experts will develop a custom solution that will suit your every need.

DCS Netlink's custom web applications and database solutions range from custom shopping carts, e-commerce systems, corporate intranets and extranets, and large scale data collaboration systems.

Some examples are...

Data Collection - Our applications collect data from remote sources, whether entered manually, or automatically extracted from current systems. Your data is then placed into a centralized electronic database. Once information is collected it can be used for a variety of purposes, from displaying data on your website, to using it for internal corporate needs.

Database Searching - Information can be best accessed by allowing you or your clients to search and/or process the contents. We can create a custom searching solution, to help you organize and utilize your data.

Website Content Management Systems - By designing systems that help you manage your website, you can maintain your site with ease with very little training required (typically less than ten minutes). No costly or complex software is needed, only your web browser.

Data Collaboration / Disparate Data Sources - Even though most of us are connected via the Internet today, sharing our data seamlessly with remote locations is still a fairly rare item in today's business environment. Many times our data is stored in different applications, environments, and different data systems. Gathering this information into one centralized common format will allow you to more effectively manage your needs and provide you with more timely responses, without the need for searching multiple systems, or entering the data into more than one location so that you can do your daily job. We help you design systems that gather data from remote locations, and centralize data needs into one place so that you can get accurate data collaboration and management across the enterprise.

Custom Device Integration - In today's business market, our computing needs require smaller and less costly devices. DCS Netlink will help you integrate these types of systems into your organization, and can even develop custom applications to integrate these devices seamlessly into your business model, whether you have needs for small handheld devices such as Pocket PC's and PDA's, or less costly devices such as Thin Client technologies.

Some samples of our custom programming ...
  • LEAP (Law Enforcement Application Program) enables officers to print off tickets right in their squad car.
  • Timesheets - Online, browser-based, technical college time sheet application that allows supervisors and employees to track their time anytime, any place and on any device with internet access and minimizes the need for traditional hardcopy timesheets.
  • AirCraft Maintenance (AMP) - Keeps track of maintenance records for aircraft.
  • Auctions - Customers can bid and purchase items right from the web.
  • PrimeDoc - Store all your important documents online, and access them securely on any computer.
  • E-Commerce - Set up your own online store.
  • Course Registration - Register and pay for classes online